Energy recovery is a waste treatment process that relates to operations, aligning the technology correctly with a highly variable input stream, and to ultimately utilizing the resulting bioenergy and other products. It is a process that generates energy in the form of electricity, heat or fuel and may also refer to the capture and reuse of released heat from air and water systems. In most cases, it is also a preferable waste handling process than dumping in landfills.

Why is it relevant in the current landscape?

Energy efficiency is key to achieving global energy transformation. There is a huge potential for energy recovery and improving the efficiency of the systems and processes in compact systems like large industries and utilities.

Together with energy conservation, it could be possible to dramatically reduce overall energy consumption and support the organization in terms of achieving its sustainability goals.

  • What are the trending energy recovery solutions and technologies available?
  • What potential strategies could be used to reduce the demand for energy in industrialized economies?
  • What are the energy conservation opportunities available in industry?
  • Where and how do you apply those effectively to attain desired outcome?

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